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  • 2017 Atlas Impact Vest Green

2017 Atlas Impact Vest Green

• Cushy impact-protection from features and hard crashes 
• 20-piece foam segmentation maximizes comfort and maneuverability  
• Made from high-end Limestone-based neoprene 
• No toxic hydrophobic coatings or chemicals 
• Shirt-cut, no “turtle-neck” vibes Ride Engine’s 

Atlas vest: The Atlas impact vest offers an extra boost of flotation and helps protect riders from the impacts of rough landings and the inevitable collision with features and hard objects. Made with premium limestone-based neoprene and free of toxic water repellents, the Atlast Vest is designed by some of the top pro riders in the world, including Felix Georgii and the Shredtown Crew. This is a fashionable and fully functional piece of equipment designed by riders, for riders. No more covering your vest with a t-shirt- with Ride Engine you’ll wear it loud and proud. 
Non-CGA approved 
$119 $59.00
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